The Brand and where it all began...

Where it all began, you’ll probably have a little laugh but here we go… 

Hi, my name is Kiara and I am the founder of Barkly & Co.

I’m a country born and raised chick originating from a small sheep and broad acre cropping town in the Wheatbelt Region of WA.

Over the last decade (wow that makes me sound old) I have spent my time travelling and working across the remote pastoral regions of WA, NT and QLD.

Over this time I have developed an everlasting love and passion for Northern Australia, yes it’s stole my heart. 

Myself and the 2IC - Yakka Munga Station - The Kimberley

Myself and my husband now own and run a mixed farming operation consisting of predominantly cattle trading / breeding and cropping.

I also run my own small business consulting to the pastoral industry, chuck in a bit of a photography business on the side and then a sprinkle of a new business venture “Barkly & Co”
So how did Barkly & Co begin?

Well here we go…

After countless dollars spent on trucker caps that would never fit on my little head, cover my ears and eyes haha, I decided it was time just to make my own…so the very first Barkly & Co Trucker Cap was made.

Well, I wore them out and people wanted more…

Countless hours of designing styles and supplier searching for the perfect fit and finish is what you now see as the Barkly & Co Trucker cap range. 

How did we come up with our Iconic Name?

For those that do know the Barkly Tablelands of the NT & QLD you will probably understand “the best of the best” and for those who are not familiar go and visit.. you won’t be disappointed.

Rolling grassy plains, outstanding cattle and awesome people. 
We name our products after properties and landmarks not just in the Barkly but Northern Australia as a whole, why?

Because not only are these places part of an industry I care for, they are the heart and soul of the beef industry in Australia.

Spreading awareness to those that have always wondered what goes on up there in our big smoke, an industry that covers such a vast area of our country but is not promoted they way other industries are. 
So here we are, nearly a whole clothing line and all from our spare room in our home.. (secretly it’s 3 spare rooms and a hallway).

We are working flat out on Barkly & Co along with our other businesses and farms, safe to say it’s a busy little show! 

Myself and my noble steed - Yakka Munga Station - The Kimberley 

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